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The mattress for a perfect sleeping environment

Julius Zöllner baby mattresses have stood for the highest quality and safety standards since 1960. A good feeling every night.

The elastic principle - developed with pediatrician Dr. Carsten Lübbe

  • The sensitive nub profile on the baby side adapts perfectly to the still soft head and protects against pressure points.
  • The toddler side provides more stability from 12 months.
  • The middle layer prevents sagging.
  • Optimal sleeping comfort from 0 to 5 years.

The flow principle - maximum ventilation of the lying surface

  • The baby side of the Flow mattress is equipped with a fully air-permeable Flow lying surface and offers maximum safety and a perfect sleeping climate.
  • The toddler side on high-quality cold foam provides more stability and support from the age of 12 months of the spine.
  • Vertical ventilation channels ensure additional ventilation of the mattress core.

Julius Zöllner premium baby mattresses

  • High-quality baby and children's mattresses made from quality foam.
  • Removable and washable mattress covers.
  • Made in Germany.

Quality since 1960

frequently asked Questions

What must be considered when choosing the size of the mattress?

The dimensions of our mattresses are adapted to the standard of children's beds. There must not be a gap of more than 3 cm between the mattress and the bed, in length and width. With a mattress size of 140x70cm, the bed must not be larger than 143x73cm.

Why is the mattress packed rolled up?

We want to transport our mattresses safely and in an environmentally friendly manner. Due to the compact format of the rolled mattress, we save up to 50% of the CO2 emissions generated by transport.

Does the mattress need to air out before use?

All materials used are certified according to Standard 100 by OEKO TEX and are absolutely harmless. However, we recommend letting the mattress air out 48 hours before use. Any smells of a new mattress will then have disappeared.

Does the cover need to be washed before use?

No, it is sufficient to let the mattress air out. For reasons of hygiene, we recommend the use of fitted sheets. These can be washed quickly and easily.

Which safety-relevant instructions have to be observed?

Never use more than one mattress in the cot, crib or hanging cradle.

It is important to ensure that the cot (crib and hanging cradle) is not placed near open fire or sources of strong heat, e.g. electric heaters, gas stoves, etc.

The mattress may no longer be used if individual parts are broken, torn, damaged or missing. 

The plastic packaging must always be kept out of the reach of children or disposed of as recycling waste.

Are Julius Zöllner mattresses suitable for allergy sufferers?

Our mattresses are hypoallergenic and therefore suitable for allergy sufferers. We only use skin-friendly materials and do not use chemicals that can cause allergies. In addition, all mattresses have washable covers that have been specially developed for allergy sufferers.

How do I distinguish the baby and toddler side?

The baby side is usually softer and has a textured cut. With our Flow mattresses you will find the air-permeable mesh fabric on the baby side. In addition, both sides are shown on the washing label.

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