Our company

JULIUS ZÖLLNER the company was founded by the Zöllner family in 1962. Today, it is one of the leading manufacturers of household textiles for babies and infants in Germany.

Our vision

Our goal is the manufacture of excellent quality products for babies and children that feature a modern design and are easy to use. Our slogan is “Simple, good products” and it is in this spirit that we supply the families of today with the best products that allow them to enjoy every minute worry-free with their children.

Quality-controlled materials and authentic craftsmanship

Quality and sustainability in products for babies and infants are of the utmost importance to us – a point-of-view which we share with young parents. That is why we put great care into the selection of materials for our products. Our product range solely includes materials that are absolutely safe for mother and child. This is ensured by numerous quality control checks and independent monitoring of our production processes. By the way: Almost 90% of our product range, from bed linen to nappy changing pads, is manufactured in Germany. Our factory in northern Bavaria still produces by hand to this day. A fact we are proud of.


The sleep of your child is our special concern, as it has been for the children of many generations. Our company was launched in 1962 by Julius Zöllner. At the time we had five staff and we worked out of our home in northern Bavaria. The company is now in the hands of its third generation and is helped by more than 120 staff and to this day, it remains 100% family owned.